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Retaining Walls

Have a bulging retaining wall that's about to collapse or new construction where a retaining wall is needed, Pro Lawn Landscaping has the solution for all of your needs.  With over 15 years experience building retaining walls, we will ensure you get the quality you're looking for.

There are two types of retaining walls, gravity and reinforced walls. A gravity retaining wall that relies on the weight of the stone or block to hold the material behind it and achieve stability.  Reinforced retaining walls consist of Geo-grid is placed between courses of blocks in the wall and rolled back into the hillside with earth and stone are compacted on top of it to give the wall strength.  

We most commonly use a block and pin system which allows for set back and strength on every course, which then geo-grid can be added for reinforced strength when needed. Every wall we build gets a proper drainage system installed and runs the full distance of the wall.

Some of the retaining walls we install consist of natural stone, Versa-lok, 

Unilock & Jumbo block.  Our team of professionals will help decide what type of block would best fit your project.  We have engineered drawings done by certified architects for our larger walls to guarantee the wall is built to its maximum load capacity.  There are plenty of color choices and block types to choose from, which we provide brochures with the options to make the deciding process much easier for our customers. We also specialize in steps, pillars and accent walls.